Jazz Standards, Folk Classics, Pop Favorites

Wally Levis (guitar/vocals) has performed music in a wide variety of community settings, including hospitals, nursing homes, homeless shelters, and public libraries, as well as the NYC subways.

MusicForTheLove is particularly proud to participate in the nationwide program “Musicians On Call,” which brings the healing power of music directly to the bedsides of patients and their families.

Curt Kendrick (keyboards, bass, vocals) has written and produced dozens of songs. He has been in bands such as Last Visible Dog, Lion I, Barks w/o Reason and Roadrunner. Curt studied electronic music at Brown University, and has worked as a librarian at Oberlin College, Stony Brook, Harvard University, and Columbia University. He currently serves as Dean of Libraries at the State University of New York in Binghamton.

Great Songs, Great Stories, Forever Linked   

An Innovative Music Program for Seniors 

Great songs tell great stories, connecting us to the memories in our own lives, helping us to recall the feelings deep within our personal “narratives.”

Beyond just listening to a concert, MusicForTheLove offers seniors an opportunity to discuss the personal meanings they associate with Jazz Standards, Folk Classics, and Pop Favorites, songs such as "All of Me," "How High the Moon,"
"Kisses Sweeter Than Wine," "As Time Goes By," 
and "The Way You Look Tonight," among many othersThese songs are connected to important moments in the lives of senior residents, and exploring the song-and-story-link is meaningful, healing, and fun.            

The “semester-long” program builds week by week, culminating in a video of seniors singing the songs they love and discussing their personal memories and meanings.  The 1-hour program can be easily adapted to suit a group's particular needs, but the basic steps are the following:  

• Each week, we perform six to eight songs, inviting the residents to sing along with the lyrics we provide.


• After performing the songs, we tell the stories of how each song was written, including background on the composer, the lyricist, and the historical time in which each song first appeared.


• Each participant discusses whatever aspect of the song they find most compelling, focusing on personal memories, historical events, or other songs, books, movies or ideas that are brought to mind.


• A new list of songs for the following week is generated based on the suggestions of the participants.


• At the end of the “semester,” we create a video of the residents performing their favorite songs, along with their discussions of what the songs mean to them. The goal of this “no-pressure” video is to create a fun gift residents can share with family and friends.

Letters from Listeners...

"...your gentle manner, musicality, and repertoire of folk music combined with jazz standards completely stole the hearts of our residents."
—Jane Summer, Engage Life Director, Atria Senior Living


"I would like to thank you both for the fabulous music performance... I am working on having MusicForTheLove back in the summer for an outdoor concert on the Branch patio."
—Rosemary Murray, Supervising Librarian, New York Public Library, Riverdale Branch


"Wally Levis and Curt Kendrick provided three hours of music at my company's holiday party this year. The event, a sophisticated affair that included dinner for approximately 50 people, was held at a restaurant on Manhattan's Upper West Side. The music, a mixture of jazz standards and folk classics, was tastefui, appropriate, and very well received by my guests. Wally and Curt were on time, professional, courteous, and easy to deal with in every way."
—Diane Bell, Senior Financial Advisor, Ameriprise Financial Services, Inc.


"This summer my wife and I celebrated the birth of our first child, Tal Johnathan. We had the Bris at the Riverdale Temple and Wally Levis and Curt Kendrick provided three hours of wonderful music for the event... Wally and Curt helped to make the Bris a joyous celebration, and I'm happy to recommend them for your party or special event."
—Mayan Metzler


"Thank you and Curtis for entertaining at our wedding.  You were wonderfully flexible in working to make our day so special.  The music set the tone, exactly as we had planned.  It was romantic and warm.  Our friends and family spoke about how the music really added a measure of festivity.  My favorite memory of the day was after all the guests had gone, and you continued to play. Shelly and I danced, and it was magical.  We appreciated how much you contributed, and we enjoyed working with you.  I would be very happy to speak on your behalf to anyone who is considering hiring you."
—Bonnie and Shelly

Upcoming Gigs

Upcoming Programs:
5:30 pm 8/27/18
Mt. Sinai Roosevelt Hospital new program
114th & Broadway, NYC

5:30 pm 9/1/18
Mt Sinai Hospital
1000 Tenth Avenue

Recent Programs:
6:30 pm 7/19/18
Yonkers Arts – with Vinnie Bagwell
at Philipse Manor Hall
29 Warburton Avenue, Yonkers NY

*All Hospital Programs are thanks to Musicians On Call.








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